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King’s Boulevard gets the eat.st/INSA treatment

25 Oct

Jimmy, Jesus and Mary have all had the INSA midas touch – now it’s the time of the eat.st collective as a whole to be treated to a bit of that sparkle.

When we first began speaking with King’s Cross about bringing eat.st to King’s Boulevard I knew that we needed some great signage that would reflect what eat.st is about – but also that would signify a departure from tradition and a nod to the future direction of open-air food slinging.

For this task, INSA was the only guy. As soon as we began talking about it we was picking up what I was putting down and then throwing it back even harder. The result – and with plenty of support from King’s Cross – is the following: dozens of separate painted boards that fan out from the King’s Boulevard ivy-clad hoarding, giving a brilliant 3D effect and firmly stamping eat.st’s name on the strip.

Or, as INSA says, we’ve created an incredibly elaborate frame for a blackboard…

We’ll be here for a while and now it’s official. Have a look at the different elements and how they were slotted together – and then come and see the thing in the flesh while you chow!


Choc Star, Bean & Gone and Luardos getting ready to mount.


Sizing up the women.


Drilling them on.


The first of the blackboard dates. People coming by were asking ‘Is it for bands? Who’s playing?’. Different kind of party, but still a performance.

Me with my mini-Jimmy.

And the final touches. Quiff-o-rama. See you there soon!


Anatomy of a paint job: Hail Mary

17 Oct

Here’s Mary, the second of Luardos‘ mini-fleet of burrito-mobiles. If Jesus’ exterior hit us with a lima ácida, LuarDOS is all about the rosa Mexicana hues. Starting off with this strawberry blamanche base, eat.st’s favourite artist, INSA, got to work on transforming this H-Van into a tattoed vision of gorgeousness and funk in London’s left thigh.

No one could ever accuse INSA of not liking pink.

El Dia de los Meurtos makes itself known throughout the van…

And the L.A-inspired Mexican roses soften the blow…

Them headlights on Mary’s grill get me every time.

Aztec coming through…

The man with the magic gun.

And suddenly, after several days of hard graft, a new icon on London’s street food scene emerges…

Look out for Mary (LuarDOS) at King’s Boulevard 21st and 28th October.