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KERB is the word

16 Jan



If you’re on here then you maybe don’t know that is no longer – but KERB is on fire! for where to get the flavour.


The end of – the beginning of the next steps for its founders…

2 Oct

Friends of – this is to let you know that as of Thursday October 4th will be no more. We – the three founders – have decided to go our separate ways and will be setting up exciting new entities – carrying all of our great experience with us to the next level.

Thank you for helping to make the great fun and success that it has been and have a look below at Petra, Gareth and Giles’ new ventures and how you can continue to be part of the mission to Drive British Street Food Forward.

Giles, Gareth & Petra

Giles and Gareth will launch Foodhawkers.


twitter: @foodhawkers

Food Hawkers an independent food traders hub. Food hawkers will be covering the whole of the UK finding all the best street food traders and putting all on We will be offering a large selection of tools for the food lover, the food organiser and the food provider.  Foodhawkers will encompass all that is the life of a trader. We will be piling on the added benefits for traders and all users on this new street food venture.


Petra will launch KERB

Petra launches KERB on Thursday 4th October, a hub and a resource for the best food traders in town.
KERB will replace at King’s Cross (all the same traders as before, plus some new ones), as well as find traders for events, organise workshops, offer consultancy and generally grow the community and keep on raising the bar for the street food industry. / @KERB_ /

More at King’s Cross for the Olympics

25 Jul

As much loved as our Monday-Friday lunchtime market at KX is, some people just don’t have the time to get there in their lunch breaks. I often get messages from people asking, ‘Do you think I’ll be able to make it from Vauxhall/Bermondsey/Tottenham Court Road, queue for lunch, eat it and make it back in an hour?’. I always say, go for it – but slightly worry about the digestion process after….

Pic courtesy of Helen Graves

So, help is on its way – for all of the KX daytime non-participators, as well as the hungry people waiting to catch the Javelin to Stratford. From this Saturday, July 28th, and for the full 16 days of the Olympics, will migrate South to the foot of King’s Boulevard at Station Square, serving from 11am-8pm daily. Now that’s a window for all the hungry/greedy/adventurous and fun to jump through. Whether ‘working from home’, taking a long lunch or heading over after work, we aim to feed.

We’re starting off small – Buen Provecho, Sorbitium Ices and Elephant Juice over the first weekend, then rolling out between four and eight traders each day. As well as this perky little trio, we have on the rota:

Bleecker St. Burgers – new kid on the van scene, doing the straight-up burger/slider/fries thing

Buen Provecho – pork pibil? Ceviche especial? MMmmm
Daisy Green – fro-yo and quirkster toppings
Dosa Deli – stepping up to challenge Horn OK to their KX crown

Eat My Pies – and his lovely mum, Jackie, showing us how they and their Scotch eggs roll
Elephant Juice – daily appearance to quench the thirst/hangover of proper smoothies
Fleisch Mob – Austrian street food from all round adorable guy, Mark
Gurmetti Limited – custom-built van-ette doing the gurmetti thing. Propio bello

Horn OK – bhel puri and dosa heaven
Jamon Jamon – returning to the fold with paella pans on fire
Kimchi Cult – Cult classic and KX stalwart
Kooky Bakes – Ice cream Whoopie Pies, what else is there?
Molly Bakes – and did we also hear SHAKES?
Monty’s Deli – Another adorable Mark – this one doing the Reuben thing with some major TLC
Mother Flipper – yes, he does and they’re one tasty little package
rainbo – Choc Star allumni Shrimp & Ben bring their 1948 Ford pickup into town, with mad gyozas on board

Pic courtesy of Good for Lunch

Sorbitium Ices – Their menu is dizzying. These guys KNOW ingredients
Speckmobile – Butter me up, baby. Serving schnitzel that I dream of
Tava Wava – the Bedouin tent of spiced and fragrant wraps. Massive tawa. Also called Mark
The Ribman – for one day only – don’t miss the window for another Mark to bust out his ribs
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Heartbreaker, risk-taker. We love it.
URBAN-ICES – Triking in from Dalston, Carla will pull out lollies unlike any you’ve ever seen

Pic courtesy of Wilkes

VadaszDeli – the Latino/Hungarian thing works for us. Try it, it’s tops
You Doughnut – this pair roll some mean dough and then roll it in delicious glazes. Moreish
Yum Bun – the queen of the bun, Lisa slays them all at Station Square, N1C – 28 July – 12 August, 11am-8pm, daily.

Follow the @EatStreet Twitter feed for more info on who’s on, when. This is a role-call of flavour you’re not going to want to miss.



23 Jun

A couple of months ago, the brilliant Regeneration Officer at Hackney put me in touch with the manager at Fifteen. “They want to put a street party on and they need help with the food traders”, I was told. An introductory meeting later at Fifteen and Jacques and I were all fired up and setting a date. The theme would be Fifteen’s 10th Birthdays Celebrations and the focus would be on Fifteen Family and local-to-the-East End traders.

We would close the street – Westland Place – outside Fifteen and fill it with 10 of our best East End slingers, music, kids entertainment, a bar and stalls from Fifteen, Fifteen Cornwall and Barbecoa, as well as the massive truck that is The Cock & Cider. Now the big day is only one week away and we’re all set – FUN and great food are the focus and everyone is invited!

Our traders are: Red Herring Smokehouse, The Rib Man, Banh Mi 11, The Bowler, Mussel Men, Healthy Yummies, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Toma Mexicano, Yum Bun and Westonbirt Ice Cream. I get dizzy thinking about the levels of deliciousness in that group. They’re there all day though, so chances are you’ll be able to get around a few…

Think of it – smoked chicken, moules-frites, pan-seared scallops, Mexican flautas, gourmet meatballs, pillow-soft steamed buns, banh mi, real hot dogs, hot smoked ribs and incredible ice cream + cupcakes from Crumbs & Doilies!

This is the first time that has collaborated with a restaurant –  and a group of them at that. It was actually through meeting a load of the chefs from Barbecoa one night at Street Feast that I had a change of heart re. my previous reservations about ‘getting into bed with the restaurants’. They were all so excited about the delights that abounded from some of our traders, there on the night. I have always been a bit wary of why some of the big, established restaurants wanted to get involved with the streets – thinking of them as one mass of bandwagon jumpers who would be onto the next thing as soon as something else caught their eye.

Then I checked my attitude and noticed how fired-up so many chefs were about the prospect, through getting involved with the streets, of actually seeing who was eating their food and having the satisfaction of seeing their enjoyment. Like Bea (of Bloomsbury) said to me recently “You have to really love what you do to be a chef because there are some serious downsides”. And I thought about why I have thrown myself so hard into this industry – it’s because of two things really: The pulling together of great, like-minded people to serve food on our streets – critical mass making more headway than scattered individuals; and the quest to transform our outdoor spaces and bring strangers together through the attraction of great, accessible food. My stance now is that whoever has that lust for the above is who we should be embracing – from the hardcore traders who live and breath the culture of the streets, to the career-changers who want to do something they can touch, taste and feel, to any amazing chef out there who wants to be part of a whole new side of what they love.

When we have all of this food, all of these people, and anyone else who likes to collaborate on shared space – from all parts of the food world, making great things happen – then we know that the British food culture is well on its way to a new evolution, and it fires us up!

The #fifteeneatstreetparty will run from 11am-5pm next Saturday 30th June – Westland Place, N1 7LP (Just near to Old Street)

Come hungry and ready for fun.

There will be pasta-making classes upstairs.

Jamie will be there too….

Bring all the food fans you know!

Busking on The Boulevard – auditions next week!

6 Jun

We love King’s Boulevard. This new street that eight months ago was a pile of rubble on the 67 acre King’s Cross development, is now home to trees, traders, great food, people. It has life! People come from everywhere on their Boris Bikes, or from nearby on foot; pull up a chair or sit on the pavement, hands full of hot food from over the way, just made by one of the eat.streeters. The place feels….relaxing, different, like a step away from the mayhem of all around.

All that’s missing is some MUSIC!

So, we’ve decided to kick start some busking up on that Boulevard: Any kind of music, any kind of performer, as long as it’s mobile – like our stalls – and any damn good.

This is about creating a new and unencumbered space for people to bring some music to the already-full-of-food table. We want to draw from everywhere in upturning some real gems to transform the aural contours of N1C. From our own traders, the nearby CSM, Twitter, on the streets….wherever that music is putting some blues in our left thighs and some funk in our right. And we need everyone’s help in scouring, so – do YOU know anyone?

If so, please get in touch with me,, or directly with Brigitte from King’s Cross who is coordinating the auditions: with a tape of you doing what you do.

First auditions are next Wednesday 13th June and will be in 15 minute slots. Everyone is invited to listen and give their thoughts or get some swaying/hip-switching in – then it’s every Wednesday for Busking on the Boulevard.

Don’t be shy!

Winner of the Street Food category at The YBFs….

5 Jun

The big moment finally came for all the finalists of the first ever YBFs last week. Chloe, Lily and Amy managed to pull together an evening that was fun and excessive and full of joy for all the happy winners. The per head drinks quota made me dizzy when it was reeled off to me, but it was the amount of food that was being carried around – often on great long boards, Cleopatra-like, languishing aloft all the adoring hands – that got everyone so geed up.

I barely had a chance to grab any of it as I arrived late (typically) and forced my way to the front to get up on stage with Claire Kelsey (Ginger’s Comfort Emporium) to announce the winner of the Street Food category. A couple of weeks before, we had stood in the shady bitterness of The Hatch, by The Doodle Bar, eating and talking with JP of Elephant Juice Soup, Andy of The Wild Game Co. and Mark of Street Kitchen. It was a hell of a breakfast and a hell of a tough one. How d you choose between such very different ideas and food types?

We went with The Wild Game Co. because of their kilts…. No, really, it was the way they’d brought their family business to a new audience – injecting some of wild Scotland into some not-so-wild parts of London; even devising a bothy for more ways of taking The Highlands to the East End. We liked it, and we liked their food.

They leapt up on that stage in full tweed and kiltage, undeterred by the soaring, Campari-borne temperatures on that hot ‘n humid night. Not only did they win £1000 and a chopping board but, and here was the real coup, they get one year’s free membership of to go with it. No more waiting list for them – they’re right in (profile up soon). So hold onto your hats and prepare for some new kids in the Collective – serving pigeon salad, venison steaks and other gameyness that brings you over all growly.

Also on the night – a special mention to The Rib Man – our very own town crier and success story of the streets this last year – who won the Honorary award. He was pretty busy, stuffing baps with ribs after that – I had to step in and give the guy a break. Rubber gloves diving into hot pans of picked rib meat, swirling in hot sauce. Felt good.

And not forgetting other eat.streeters representing for good food in the place that night: Anna Mae’s serving their Hushpuppies, Tongue N Cheek with his Porky Subs, and fingers crossed, soon to be joining us (because this is one of the best things I’ve tried in ages), Urban Ices and their homemade lollies of magical flavours.

Great night. Here’s to next year and the continued hunt for greatness in all those nooks and crannies…


Riverside flavour from the traders this weekend…

2 Jun

If you’re in London this weekend and you’re joining the masses to go Thames-wards for That flotilla (the likes of which is totally twisting my melons – imagine!), then you’re going to need to know where to get FED.

Knowing this, members of are will be on hand to offer relief – beacons of hope, reason and sustenance in a sea of Jubilympics hysteria.

First stop will be the run of eight traders in Battersea Park for their ticketed (and sold out to 90,000) extravaganza. Wayne Hemingway is curating and bringing bandstand swerve and vintage magic to the place. Norman Jay, The Noisettes and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis will all be there to make the day go with a swing…

And then there will be our guys, doing the sling thing on the river’s edge: Jamon Jamon, Hardcore Prawn, Bhangra Burger, Kimchi Cult, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Banh Mi 11, Molly Bakes and the return of the mighty Churros Bros – lined up and ready for the mayhem. Don’t be a stranger – go and say hi, they may not have time to linger over conversation but they’ll be pleased to see their regulars in a new part of town.


If you didn’t manage to get tickets, you can segue over to The World Street Food Festival to find some more familiar faces. Tucked in amongst the 42 traders behind The Southbank Centre is Tongue ‘n Cheek – this weekend debuting his perfectly juicy ‘Heartbreaker’ burger. One thing’s for sure – there is no one else in London doing one of these this weekend. Developed with Ben from Lucky Chip, this patty is part beef, part fat and part ox heart – and it is amazing. Not to be missed.

Flanking Tongue n Cheek is new member, Horn OK Please and their dosas and bhel puri, and Anna Mae’s with their Mac Shack. Elsewhere in the market is The Speck Mobile and their second outing with the dumplings, schnitzel and strudel of joy, Mussel Men with their new mussel shack (Bloody Mary moules-frites, anyone?), and Beppino’s and his hand-made pasta.

Battersea Park = one day only (Sunday 3rd June), WSFF = 5 days. Reaching any of these traders in any of their locations will certainly result in a great Jubilee weekend.

Let us know who you encounter!