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Ice Cream Festival at KX this w/e!

31 Aug

Put those two words together with some pastel-hued cows and place on Granary Square, King’s Cross and…MAGIC! And it’s open to all – no entry fee, just coins for the cones…

Come and learn about king’s Cross’ intimate history with ICE – yes people, this was once a mecca for the frozen stuff and this Ice Cream Festival is the latest reimagining of its importance to the area. To celebrate these frosty roots, visitors can learn how to milk a cow, try a load of different ice creams, discover more about the history of ice cream and how to make it.

Then there’s the food offerings – and eat.st has it licked…

As well as the brilliant eat.st favourite Sorbitium Ices who will be churning out their incredible flavour combinations in ice cream, sorbet and sherbet forms, there will be some great food to temper the ice cream excess.

Bleecker St. Burger, Horn OK Please, Streetza and Van Dough will all be on hand to take you away from the creamy pastel-mania for a moment.

And definitely check out our friend from the North, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium is bringing her own style of brilliance down from Manchester – a rarity and a pleasure.

The Ice Cream Festival – Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September, 11am – 6pm, Granary Square, N1C



Who’s on at the Exhibition Road Show

1 Aug

West London marauders! Take a look below to see who’s on for the next five days of eat.st at Ex Rd:


Wednesday 1st August (6pm-10pm)

Ruby Violet – last day!

Streetza – here all dates

Dosa Deli – last day!

Van Dough – one day only!

Roost – 1st day!

Yumi Co

Taste of Tawa

Kimchi Cult

Buen Provecho

Bleecker St Burger – here all dates

Gurmetti – must be tried!

Crumbs & Doilies – returning!

Daisy Green – here all dates

Fleisch Mob – one day only!

Speck Mobile – Austrian invasion


Thursday 2nd August (6pm – 10pm)

Sorbitium Ices – 1st day!


Speck Mobile

Anna Mae’s – 1st day!

Horn OK Please – returning

Taste of Tawa

Kimchi Cult


Buen Provecho

Bleecker St Burger


Daisy Green

Molly Bakes – last day!

The Bowler – returning!

Yumi Co


Friday 3rd August (6pm – 11pm)

Tongue ‘n Cheek – new in!

Vinn Goute – new in!

Horn OK Please

Anna Mae’s


The Bowler


Kimchi Cult

Speck Mobile

Yumi Co

Bleecker St Burger

Buen Provecho

Daisy Green




Saturday 4th August (11am – 11pm)

Vinn Goute – last day!

rainbo – new in!

Tongue ‘n Cheek


Buen Provecho

Daisy Green

Crumbs & Doilies – returning!

Anna Mae’s

Taste of Tawa


Bleecker St Burger


Bhangra Burger – returning!

The Bowler

Yumi Co

Buen Provecho

Horn OK Please

Jamon Jamon – returning!


Sunday 5th August – final day (11am – 10pm)

Speck Mobile

Taste of Tawa


Bhangra Burger

Daisy Green

Bleecker St Burger




Tongue ‘n Cheek


Crumbs & Doilies

Jamon Jamon

Horn OK Please

Daisy Green

Anna Mae’s

The Bowler

Buen Provecho

Yumi Co


The Exhibition Road Show takes place all along Exhibition Road, South Kensington, SW7



eat.st at the Exhibition Road Show for the Olympics!

17 Jul

Lots of news on where we’ll be during the Games – first up we bring news on a project we’ve been working on for some time…

The Exhibition Road Show is all about celebrating the shared space that has got Exhibition Road all svelte and suave. For nine days – 28 July – 5 August – the entire Road will be taken up with music, dancing, games, brass bands, drums, bars and….US! So, not only will people be able to quaff proper cocktails from our old friends The Soul Shakers, but they’ll be able to graze on an array of great food from eat.st traders and friends.



Each day there will be 20 food stalls and vans, carefully selected by yours truly, to sling it good and sling it tasty on this iconic street. They will rotate throughout the week so that, in fact, if you were really greedy/curious, you could come every day and still not get through them all. Read the role-call of deliciousness and weep!

ANNA MAE’S – Southern street food and the Cheesus Loves You thing
BANH MI 11 – We can’t get enough of them
BHANGRA BURGER – Indian spiced burgers and hot pakoras
BLEECKER ST. – NYC no-messing burgers and sliders
BOSCO & BEE – Brixton-based chicken magic from a wood-fired Piaggio
THE BOWLER – gourmet meatballs from the biggest swinger in town
BUEN PROVECHO – straight from DF, this is the way of the calle and ceviche to die for

CARIBBEAN CHEF – award-winning jerk chicken and Puma’s official Caribbean food trader for the Games
CRUMBS & DOILIES – our favourite cupcakes in all of London
DAISY GREEN – fro-yo, Aussie style, with toppings to twist your melons
DOSA DELI – brilliant Indian dosas
FISH & – all the way from Leeds, amazing fish & chips from Northern Streats creator, Mr Critchley
FLEISCH MOB – Austrian chutzpah and a bit of leder-hosen
FRENCH & GRACE – Award-winning duo of brilliant cooks doing their uber-wraps
GREEN GOAT – ‘sustainable street food’ and some of the best we’ve had.

GURMETTI – they had us with the voice and the Mo’s – then we tried their food…
HORN OK PLEASE – dosas, pani puri and bhel puri heaven
JAMON JAMON – paella Valenciana from the ‘Godfather of street food’. Don’t mess.
KIMCHI CULT – Korean fusion burgers and tortas
LULABELLE’S – homemade cakes and tea from our girl in Yorkshire

MOLLY BAKES – cakes and shakes – hold tight
RAINBO – hand-made gyozas from a 1948 Ford pick-up – this is a thing of beauty
ROOST – Cantten creator, Cass brings us chicken every which way
RUBY VIOLET – home-churned ice cream from North London, served from a gorgeous old Bedford
SAVAGE SALADS – GRRrrrr – proper
SORBITIUM – Our fave ice cream couple, Suzaanna & Pedro know how to do sorbets, sherbets and ice cream
SPECK MOBILE – Owners Franz and Marco really understand the importance of butter to cooking. Eye-rolling
STREETZZA – pizza perfectionist, Hubertus brings us his own style of the good dough
TONGUE ‘N CHEEK – under-rated cuts of meat with an Italian edge
VAN DOUGH – thick-crust pizza from a Citroen H-Van
VINN GOUTE – Seychelles creole deliciousness from this lovely family business

WELL KNEADED – Wandsworth-reared Firebread with mad-flavours and toppings
YUMI CO – the real deal takoyaki – no pretending

Can you stand it? Can hardly bare how much choice there’s going to be. Here are the times so you can plan your life around getting your chops round as many of this lot as you can:



Sat 28th July: 1030 – 2300
Sun 29th July: 1030 – 2200

Mon 30th July: 1800 – 2200
Tues 31st July: 1800 – 2200
Weds 1st Aug: 1800 – 2200
Thurs 2nd Aug: 1800 – 2200
Fri 3rd Aug: 1800 – 2300

Sat 4th Aug: 1030 – 2300
Sun 5th Aug: 1030 – 2200

And there is MAD PROGRAMMING to keep everyone amused on London’s second busiest street – from late nights at the museums, to areal performances, marching bands, dancehall, a ballroom and games galore.

We’re excited! Follow the Tweets (@EatStreet) for the latest on who is on when.

See you there!


28 July – 5 August

Thames Festival 2011…in pics

20 Sep

Our journey took us Eastwards… on a stroll that went all the way along the Thames Festival route. This is the first time that I’ve not been buried in a freezer, scooping ice cream like a banshee from the choc-mobile during the Festival, and it was great to see the thing in its (almost) entirety.

Here are some of the sights – albeit with a certain eat.st bias-cut…

Bella did an amazing job with the boards. Look out for this girl – she good.

Here’s Abiye of BAHD with his small, medium and large Wieners, the likes of which the River has rarely seen. The punters lined up in serried ranks of devotion.

Arturo of Buen Provecho smiling all the way as he served up la comida buena from a dazzling array of silver receptacles.

Mama Churro held the fort while our Jorge represented for eat.st at the British Street Food Awards in Suffolk.

Skewer love.

Shades of Pulp Fiction at Hardcore Prawn.

Rustling at the foothills of the Tate – the eat.st crew makes itself a part of the furniture.

Tarrying a while on Southwark Bridge I was made up to see Westonbirt – eat.st’s very own ice cream Airstream dream. This girl can whip that stuff into a shape that is bouncing. You have to try the shakes – GRrrr.

Reclaiming the city for one day only and in a most civilised way. Dining a-straddle the Thames is a major high-point of the Festival – Feast on the Bridge got it going on, straight-up.

And so to the Scoop where Bhangra Burger, Creperie Nicholas, Tongue ‘n Cheek and Yum Bun formed a clump. Yes, the word clump is the only way to describe this splinter group of the eat.st collective at large at Thames. A rambunctious clump of flavour upon the cool, pristine paving stones of More London.

Tongue ‘n Cheek diversifies his tongue offering for the uninitiated. Wrap it in a casing and stuff it in a bun.

Yum Bun’s Jake is  alighting expert. We love this about them. Their cart looked on fire and drew the punters close…

Back at Tate, Jamon Jamon keeps the pans bubbling.

Whilst over at the Korean Embassy, Kimchi Cult send a clear message on what they’re about. Cabbage will never be the same again on this watch.

Thank you to all those who made it down – we hope you enjoyed.

Thames Festival, here we come!

7 Sep


The Thames Festival is nearly upon us and the eat.st crew are busy getting ready for the big day/s.

Twelve of our traders will be slinging heavy over two sites this Saturday and Sunday. In front of Tate Modern will be a strip of nine, while by the Scoop (next to the Lord Mayor’s Office) will be a cluster of four.

And not forgetting our solo outposts in the form of The Rib Man by St Katherine’s Docks, Kimchi Cult by the OXO Tower (with the Korean Embassy, no less) and Engine Food on his regular patch in front of The National Theatre.

This year’s Festival is all about the collectives – working together to reduce the overall footprint. If you’re into the homespun way of life then you should also look out for Craft Trail and their beautifully illustrated map. If eat.st is about flying the flag for the street food community, Craft Trail flies it for emerging designer makers, aiming ‘to showcase their work in a community-driven and creative atmosphere’.

The eat.st areas are marked out by the yellow pins…

We hope to see many of you all down there – lots of fun to be had on that river bank.

Come hungry!

The Lord Mayor’s Thames Festival – Sat 10th-Sunday 11th September, 11am-11pm.

eat.st on tour: GLASTO in mud and sun.

30 Jun

I thought it might be nice to take a busman’s holiday to Glastonbury and help Si out on board Jesus. Having placed Choc Star in the safe hands of Shrimp and Ben for the summer it seemed that all roads were leading me to Worthy Farm and some stress-free times. For example, if I had taken Jimmy to Glasto and been met with this sort of scenario:

I would have been all up in my heartbeat wondering who the hell would want to buy ice cream under such gruelling terrain. Instead, it was burritos from Luardos that we had to shift, the conditions for which seemed much more agreeable. Every morning a delivery would arrive from the extraORDinarily massive wholesale operation on site. It was awesome in its vastness – great serried ranks of articulated lorries laden with goods. Just that set-up alone had my mind boggling. The logistics!

Then we’d slam some meat on the griddle and get prepping. I developed a mild addiction to the sticky, concentrated flavours of griddled chorizo morsels.

Making the habanero salsa was a trip – and always interesting to see which punters were up for being sent half-way to hell with a turbo-charged strip of the stuff striding through their burrito.

It got busier and busier each day as more campers got wind of the goodness that was being passed through Jesus’ hatch. People were coming up to the van proclaiming this to be the best food they’d ever had at Glasto in 20 years! Some came to eat with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was mainly put in the middle position. This means taking the orders, taking the cash, telling the person to my left what they’re making (chicken, steak, vegetarian or pork – and turbo-charged with chorizo or no, and with or without beans or rice or cheese), telling the person to my right what they’re adding (yes to guacamole or no to salsa but yes to lettuce or no sour cream or extra guacamole and no lettuce….), and then administering the spice (‘How hot are you prepared to take things? Shall I ramp it up? Take you to meet the devil?’, etc).

After a few hours of doing this in tin box-hot temperatures my head would be so fried that I couldn’t remember who’d paid and who hadn’t. ‘Have you paid me?’, I’d ask. ‘Yes, I tried to get a discount and you said no, remember?’. ‘Oh yes, of course, sorry, it’s the heat. Next!’. But they seemed like an honest, cheery lot. Remarkably so, I’d say.

When I needed a little breather I’d go out side with a bourbon and attempt the washing up…

Or else I’d go and visit friends. Here’s Jorge in his Churros Bus (Churros Bros). The poor guy broke down 12 times on the way down to the site and eventually had to get pitch-forked onto his spot. Still smiling though – and his thigh-hating sticks of delight tasted delish.

Further out on the compound by the dance field was Alec and his Bhangra Burger bus. He had only broken down twice en route to Glasto and his chosen method of arrival was with a tow truck.

By the time Saturday came around and after enduring endless heavy rain and being felled by Big John as I waded to his rescue (landing flat on your back in a sea of mud at a festival with no clear sign of where your next shower will be coming from is gruesome, btw), the mud was sticky like you wouldn’t believe. Each lunge of the leg was met with a 50/50 chance of losing your boot and/or dislocating your hip bone. Drinking while walking was nigh on impossible and if you did happen to get lost (like I did one afternoon while off on a gentle perigrination), things could turn pretty intense. I suppose that’s what cider is for. And the Samaritans.

…and the Meateasy…

…and places like this. They sold Swan Chunks and Tinned Squirrels…but also black cherry Jim Beam. I became a bit of a fan.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the food on offer at Glasto. After being in this game for a while you can see through jaunty looking vinyl banners in an instant. Many of them belie a world of pre-cut, pre-cooked, frozen soulless ease backstage. Of course there were those I already knew – Wholefood Heaven, Salad Days, Stewed & Baked, Asian Grub Foundation, Caribbean Kitchen etc etc – all wonderful operations. And those mentioned above – love them to bits. The best discovery, food-wise, of the week was found over the strip from us in a giant taupe coloured wig-wam and my friend Jared of Neil’s Yard was at the helm.

Sorry about the blurring but the general idea is MEAT, great big hunks of it, smoked overnight in their enormous great smoker. Shoulder, brisket, flank, ribs, loin in beef and pork and served with real baked beans, amazing coleslaw, pickles, buns and BBQ sauce. It was their first time doing this and was in cahoots with a local organic farm. It was chaotic and by-the-seat-of-its-pants but, compared to so many of those well-oiled catering behemoths every which way elsewhere, it was food that tasted PROPER.

I don’t know what’s happened to all the pics of the food I should’ve taken – probably subject to my staggering around half-cut on bourbon, burrito fumes and heavy sides of mud!

Glasto, I love you and can’t wait to return….

eat.st crew at large for the royal wedding

12 May

Oops, just popped over to Portugal to check on the vinho verde situation and didn’t have time to report on this little situation before departure.

For anyone that’s that way inclined, what occurred on the Southbank over the royal wedding weekend for London street food in general and for eat.st in particular, was a hot mess that we reveled in.

As part of the Real Street Food Festival, eat.st brought some switch in the hips to the Southbank Square. Many of us traders knew each other already while some had merely appeared as visions on our email exchanges, possibly just culinary mirages…

Amid endless threats of rain we assumed our positions on the makeshift food court, ready to hit London with something spirited from it’s concrete contours. Showing out over the weekend were:

Simon and Britters of Luardos, doing the taco-lean like their stainless steel counters depended on it.

Anna Mae’s Smokehouse, fresh off the plain from Texas, couldn’t stuff those buns fast enough with their choppy coleslaw and mountains of pulled pork.

Mongo Denoon and his OK Catering Success appeared as ductile as ever within the borders of his extraordinary world of jhal muri. It looks like an enigma but the curious will be rewarded with untold riches…

Here’s the Choc Star van, dishing out sundaes like nobody’s business. As soon as one person has one and is seen parading that molten mini mountain of delight around the area, the van gets bombarded and the hot choc sauce goes a-flying. Stand back if you’re wearing white.

Would you trust these two with itinerant chocolate goods?

Street Foodie embarked upon his first weekend of slinging those puckish little Korean sliders. Kimchi Slider got re-christened ‘Tinchy Stryder’ and it just kind of stuck.

We love what they’ve done with the place – bringing something never before seen on the streets of London.

The Healthy Yummies girls turned the place into a Madonna-fest. If they weren’t flambeeing those fine, fine hand-dived scallops, they were taking it back to ’87 with dance moves to die for.

Giles of Stewed & Baked wheeled his maroon caravan, Mary, up from Suffolk and cooked up heartiness that took the edge off the fairly blustery Friday conditions.

Pink splitscreen VW, Lulabelle’s traveled all the way from Yorkshire to put on a right royal spread. Victoria sponges, coffee cake, lemon drizzle, sticky toffee cupcakes and cream teas had everyone wanting teatime all the time.

Meanwhile, over at Wholefood Heaven, Charlie and David the effervescent husband and wife team brought something that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK. Ex SAF and E&O chef David works soulful magic in that battleship grey H-Van. I’m a massive fan.

Inside that pot lies goodness…

And finally, Baba Gupta moved mountains to make sure his brand new, jangly Bhangra Bus was ready to operate. After a late Thursday night call where he revealed that he was somewhere on the M1 with no hope of making it to London in site (due to some unpronounceable engine problem), he eventually lagged in on the back of a mammoth pick-up truck early the next morning.

And we were so glad he did. They’re well messy, but Bhangra Burgers rock.

Some of us will be on the Southbank again this weekend – Friday 13th (oi oi)-Sunday 15th May, all day, knocking out the good stuff. We’ll be in the nook of the new high-line style staircase.

Over and out.


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