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International Festival of Culinary Photography

1 Nov

These pics caught my eye from this street food themed photography festival in Paris. Anyone heading that way over the next couple of weeks might want to skip on in. I know I would – and then jump on a Velib and head out for some fruity little adventure somewhere…sigh.

Jean-Pierre PJ Stephan, the founder and soul of the culinary photography festival, has chosen the theme “Street Food” for this year’s festival. Far from the tablecloths and snooty waiters, street food expresses the unvarnished culture and history of a people and its rituals. “Tell me what you eat in the street, and I’ll tell you were you come from.” From the most commonplace to the most sophisticated, all types of flavor, color, presentation, and packaging are on display.


International Festival of Culinary Photography, 3rd Edition: Street Food

From October 28 to November 13 2011

Three exhibitions (free admission):

Espace Mobalpa,15 bd Diderot, 75012
Bercy Village, 28 rue François Truffaut, 75012
La Coupole, 102 boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014