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More eat.st at King’s Cross for the Olympics

25 Jul

As much loved as our Monday-Friday lunchtime market at KX is, some people just don’t have the time to get there in their lunch breaks. I often get messages from people asking, ‘Do you think I’ll be able to make it from Vauxhall/Bermondsey/Tottenham Court Road, queue for lunch, eat it and make it back in an hour?’. I always say, go for it – but slightly worry about the digestion process after….

Pic courtesy of Helen Graves

So, help is on its way – for all of the KX daytime non-participators, as well as the hungry people waiting to catch the Javelin to Stratford. From this Saturday, July 28th, and for the full 16 days of the Olympics, eat.st will migrate South to the foot of King’s Boulevard at Station Square, serving from 11am-8pm daily. Now that’s a window for all the hungry/greedy/adventurous and fun to jump through. Whether ‘working from home’, taking a long lunch or heading over after work, we aim to feed.

We’re starting off small – Buen Provecho, Sorbitium Ices and Elephant Juice over the first weekend, then rolling out between four and eight traders each day. As well as this perky little trio, we have on the rota:

Bleecker St. Burgers – new kid on the van scene, doing the straight-up burger/slider/fries thing

Buen Provecho – pork pibil? Ceviche especial? MMmmm
Daisy Green – fro-yo and quirkster toppings
Dosa Deli – stepping up to challenge Horn OK to their KX crown

Eat My Pies – and his lovely mum, Jackie, showing us how they and their Scotch eggs roll
Elephant Juice – daily appearance to quench the thirst/hangover of proper smoothies
Fleisch Mob – Austrian street food from all round adorable guy, Mark
Gurmetti Limited – custom-built van-ette doing the gurmetti thing. Propio bello

Horn OK – bhel puri and dosa heaven
Jamon Jamon – returning to the fold with paella pans on fire
Kimchi Cult – Cult classic and KX stalwart
Kooky Bakes – Ice cream Whoopie Pies, what else is there?
Molly Bakes – and did we also hear SHAKES?
Monty’s Deli – Another adorable Mark – this one doing the Reuben thing with some major TLC
Mother Flipper – yes, he does and they’re one tasty little package
rainbo – Choc Star allumni Shrimp & Ben bring their 1948 Ford pickup into town, with mad gyozas on board

Pic courtesy of Good for Lunch

Sorbitium Ices – Their menu is dizzying. These guys KNOW ingredients
Speckmobile – Butter me up, baby. Serving schnitzel that I dream of
Tava Wava – the Bedouin tent of spiced and fragrant wraps. Massive tawa. Also called Mark
The Ribman – for one day only – don’t miss the window for another Mark to bust out his ribs
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Heartbreaker, risk-taker. We love it.
URBAN-ICES – Triking in from Dalston, Carla will pull out lollies unlike any you’ve ever seen

Pic courtesy of Wilkes

VadaszDeli – the Latino/Hungarian thing works for us. Try it, it’s tops
You Doughnut – this pair roll some mean dough and then roll it in delicious glazes. Moreish
Yum Bun – the queen of the bun, Lisa slays them all

eat.st at Station Square, N1C – 28 July – 12 August, 11am-8pm, daily.

Follow the @EatStreet Twitter feed for more info on who’s on, when. This is a role-call of flavour you’re not going to want to miss.



KX now = Tuesdays too (and look who we have in the line-up)

15 Apr

King’s Boulevard is about to notch up another day of eat.st activity on its undulous slope. This is good!

Tuesday is the hot new day for curbside food crawling….

People have been asking us for ages to do more days. It seems that London’s appetite for eat.st isn’t ready to be sated yet and we’re so excited that the food and people behind it has been taken to so readily. Meanwhile, we have a crazy number of new traders wanting to join eat.st and come and trade with us on the Boulevard. But it’s a delicate dance starting a market from scratch on an entirely new street with mainly building sites all around and we wanted to give it a few months (and get through the winter) before ramping up the rota.

So now we’re ready to roll into Tuesdays!…And we have some brilliant new traders to bring into the fold. As of this Tuesday 17th April we will have slinging, slicing, dunking and grilling:

Mother Flipper – best burgers we’ve tried in ages. Owner, Manuel, is crazy for the patty and puts everything into it – and it shows. Watch the man behind it cook it and serve it straight to you. That’s some slathery magic right there.

(Thanks to Simon K for the pic)

Mussel Men – properly up eat.st’s alley. These cats know how to bring the theatre and the flavour. The swashbuckling Scots will be doing some musselly/muscly things up there. You need to see this.

And joining them will be pasta pioneer Beppinos after a brief two week hiatus (moving from Wednesdays to the new, hot Tuesdays)

(Thanks to Yummy Choo for the pic)

And back to the block (and much missed during their brief spell away to TCB), Banh Mi 11 and the baguettes of lunchtime joy.

Also, to all the crunch-enthusiasts and healthier leaning, we will be bringing in the award-winning French & Grace (formerly Salad Club), crossing the river to bring their particular brand of Britishness to the Wednesday slots.

So lots to get busy chomping….and stay tuned for news on what May is bringing: 5 day weeks on the Blvd. That’s Monday-Fridays, y’all!

For up to date rotas of who’s on when, head to the King’s Cross page on the eat.st website: www.eat.st/kings-cross

Lucky Chip’s burgers got us in the buds

11 Jul

I took a trip up to Lucky Chip in Kensal Rise a few weeks ago. It was before Glasto and I had a mountain of stuff to get ready before submitting myself to the trenches and twilight zone of Worthy Farm. Plus London had just endured a calamitous deluge of rain (elemental trend of June 2011?) – so from the lowlands of Loughborough Junction to the crooked heights of NW10 it was quite a wrench. But I felt compelled to soldier on, convinced by various reports that what would greet me on arrival would negate the treacherous pain of the journey.

I went to pick up my mate from her barfly position in the Prince Regent. The electricity had blown and we drank bourbon by candlelight as the storm gathered itself outside. Finally it stopped and we sallied forth to the forecourt of St John’s church. This wasn’t my first visit; I had stumbled upon Lucky Chip on their opening night back in March on a balmier night than this and it was hopping. I could barely get close to the counter, let alone the burgers, so I gave it the visual once over and carried on about my business.

This night was howlingly different on the crowd front. There was something faintly Rocky Horror about the sight of this stainless steel box perched on the brow of the Harrow Road, gazed down upon by a great solemn looking church and bereft of another living soul save for Comar and Ben, the two bright sparks behind Lucky Chip.

As we approached an SUV pulled up and whirred down its tinted window. A hand reached out and received the foil-wrapped package that Comar strode over to it. Up went the window and off prowled the car, leaving the four of us stood there, bathed in the trailer’s strip light. The good news was that it meant we had no queue to negotiate and we got very personal service. Ben, ex head barman of the Cobden Club showed us his Antipodean flair with the wasabi mayo flourishes and beetroot marinated onion rings, while Comar gave us the full intro to Lucky Chip. To cut a long story short it was always going to be a diner but the burgers have been hogging most of the limelight – and here’s why:



There’s nothing like watching your food being prepared on a blustery night to really get you in the mood. The forbidding sky throws you into the promise of the trailer’s delights. You want that comfort in edible form. You lean into the counter and soak up the steamy aroma of the patty on the hot grill, knowing it has your name on it.

I went for the bacon cheeseburger, while my pal got all excited about the ‘Sheen’, as in Charlie. It was loaded with beer-soaked onions, Philadelphia cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar and garlic aioli. She said it was delicious but I was too deep into mine to give it a spin. I’m not really into a million different things on my burger. I know everyone raves about the kimchi burger at Hawksmoor but it kind of killed it for me. I want the meaty patty, the hot meaty juices and the unobtrusive but oh so crucial plastic cheese. And then some ketchup. I got all of this plus fries and onion rings (with accompanying lollipop) on the side – and I even felt like dipping into the hotdog afterwards, such was the acceleration of my appetite when confronted with all that beefy addictiveness.

I like what Comar and Ben are bringing to the curbs of London – there is a kind of studied irreverence that shows they mean business but want to orchestrate something more than just the flogging of food. And the food is spot on – very neatly done – and it all feels very well thought out. I, for one though, am not averse to a little bit of looseness and chaos in the food that I eat and on the streets where I dine. I look forward to returning to one of their Netil Market days when they are once again surrounded by people and disorder and racking out some of the finest burgers on the streets.

Find Lucky Chip on Twitter @lucky_chip or, better than that, head to Netil Market, London Fields, E8 3RL, Tuesdays-Sundays to furnish yourself with their flavours.

#16days is over – but The Meatwagon is here to fly the flag

1 Jun

So our #16 days rolling residency at The Rye is almost over. How great to meet so many of you down in SE15 over the last two and a half weeks – and we’re delighted by the response. We even drew the attention of TimeOut, Daily Candy and The Evening Standard. (And special mention to the wonderful Tehbus for creating a little eat.st button on his blog. ‘I’m supporting 16days’ was such a nice touch).

And of course big thanks to Scott of Capital Pubs, Paddy at The Rye, Jocasta for designing the flyers and Yianni for inviting everyone along.

Organising something like this did a have one or two hiccups, Biblical deluges and Bank Holiday confusions so apologies to anyone who arrived to find their chosen hawker not ready yet (or soaking wet). We hope you all got fed!

And we were so sorry not to have Wholefood Heaven join us yesterday for their spot under The Rye’s street lamp – the trouble with these fly older vehicles is that sometimes they don’t want to play ball. Looking forward to having them with us for the next eat.st excursion. (Angus – well done that man for turning up to save the day at the last minute).

Here are a few pics of #16days going down…

Week Two was a flurry of Mexican food – a spice pallet of sabor that tropicalised the Peckham night. New kids Toma Mexicano (Sol and Sabrina) brought along their flautas and beef fajita tacos on Day 8. As soon as those tacos hit the griddle, sending the hot whisps of maize out of the gazebo I was hooked.

We loved Buen Provecho so much that we invited them back for Day 15 as well.

Simon from Luardos brought Jesus along on Day 9 for a rare crossing of the river. Tacos and quesadillas were slamming.


And when it was my turn to bring Choc Star back for Week Two well, the rains came down in a way that might inspire any number of blues tracks. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t help but go running around in it then had to warm up with Street Foodie’s kimchi sliders.

Congratulations to those brave enough to still turn up on that night!

Now that Yianni has returned from the wild woods of South Carolina the Meatwagon Crew are ready to assume their rightful position back in SE15. From TODAY they will be taking over the kitchen at The Rye and doing wild things in the beer garden all summer. Hold onto your sides – ride’s about to get wild!

Ain’t No Picnic up and running

12 Apr

Whilst round at Meateasy a few weeks ago I was introduced to a guy who wanted to bring sliders to the London outside dining scene. Bespectacled, earnest and eager to get off the ground, Marcus listened intently as Yianni and I filled him in (as best we could) on some of the ins and outs of mobile food trading in this town. The plan was to begin at Space Makers’ new event, Feast, in West Norwood for its first day on April 3rd. This would be 60 stalls of crafts, retro, plants and, most importantly, food.

I saw a Tweet from Marcus (@anpburgers) the day before: “@EatStreet come by my stall and witness my brain turning into soup. HURRAH.” and really felt for him. That first day of actually selling the thing you’ve been talking/writing/thinking/crunching/dreaming/stressing about can be so traumatic! I wouldn’t have been surprised if his prophecy had come true based on how I was when I first got Jimmy onto the streets. But no, our kid appeared the pinnacle of poise when I swung by at around 2pm.

His queue was so long that it completely engulfed that of the neighbouring cheese stall, the proprietors of which seemed completely resigned to it as they offered cubes of Berkswell to those in line (and looks of complete bemusement at the ‘plastic processed cheese’ that was being lain across the sizzling ranks of sliders next door).

After confirming with Marcus that he wasn’t about to sell out I did the queue thing for about 15 minutes, watching as he licked those patties into shape: burger, onions, buns – steaming and secreting meaty juices all over the griddle. We ordered two each – half with aforementioned (and entirely necessary to the whole experience) plastic cheese, half without. And then onto them were strewn quite the most delicious pickles I’ve had in a very long time. Herbie, fragrant and dilled to titilating perfection, they played that slider like butter plays toast.

Perhaps my only criticism would be that there was a bit too much bun to patty but that’s easy enough to negotiate. Baps aside, I was well impressed with Ain’t No Picnic – for tastiness of meat, sweetness of onions and, particularly, pertinence of pickle.

Marcus promises new sauces and accoutrements as he progresses and, judging by the precision with which he pulled off his first – and typically most traumatic – day trading I think all of us burger fans have something great to look forward to.

Ain’t No Picnic website HERE.

Next trading 1st May, West Norwood Feast.

New Year, new plans…

28 Jan

Hello y’all. Lots of exciting things in the offing from eat.st. We have some new recruits waiting in the wings for a full promenade along the eat.st site – pulled pork and wholefoods and fresh pretzels and a mobile smokery…. Looking forward to hitting you with them.

First, we are going to be re-jigging the site so it suits our future plans. More of this as it unfolds.

And we’d really like to hear from YOU about what kinds of food you’d like to see available on the streets. People are always getting in touch with us about starting new mobile ventures, lots of ideas out there – it’s the putting it into practice bit that is the struggle. We will continue to help in any way we can – and this includes being able to offer advice about what the market wants. Personally – and this is a juicy little nugget for anyone who so wishes to scoop it up – I think there is a gap in the market for someone offering an egg-based menu: omelettes, waffles, custard, french toast/eggy bread, fried egg sandwiches, creme caramel…you get the picture. Who’s up for that?!

In the meantime – and if you haven’t already been – then make a bee-line for wor Yianni’s new ‘chop-up’ dive bar/burger joint the Meateasy in New Cross Gate. The whole of the burger eating population of London are in a state of reverie and panic – reverie at having sampled meat heaven in a low down and dirty, straight-up kind of way; panic at maybe not getting to sample it before it closes in mid-March. And it’s packed. Every night – so arrive EARLY (doors open at 6pm. Cocktails are amazing). Evening Standard write-up here.

Also, the legendary and true authentic, eccentric street hawker, Angus (AKA Mongo Denoon) will be sharing his food, film and music this Sunday and Monday back at the Whirled Cinema – an underground film space nestled into one of glamorous Loughborough Junction’s infinite arches. If you haven’t heard of him then Angus plays spices like butter plays toast. It rolls, effortlessly. You watch and are entranced, then taste and are transformed. This is passion and expertise passed alchemically through Angus’ magic touch. You won’t taste better: Jhal Muri, pulchas, channa masala, daal, bhel puri. And if you enjoy eating, India and energy then the focal point of this whole event, the film, is where you need to be heading.

Sold out on Sunday but still a few spaces for Monday if you’re quick. Info here.

More soon. Keep chowing!

Tweetmass Gathering at the Florence

8 Dec

Getting ready for tonight’s #tweetmasgathering – a mighty get-together of London’s most ardent and committed food bloggers and Tweeters – are our very own Jhal Muri Express, The Meatwagon and Choc Star.

From 6pm this evening Christmas Tweetsville will be well in the air round the back of the Florence pub in Herne Hill. Expect hot chocolate delights and chocolate cookies, cakes, truffles and brownies from Choc Star, nourishing daal and jhal muri from Mongo Denoon and BURGERS – possibly the best in all of London from The Meatwagon.

BUT…do not expect the actual Meatwagon to be there as, unless you haven’t already heard, that huge great shiny steel trailer has been TEEFED. Yes, you heard it right – someone has towed that wide-load clean away leaving Yianni and a sea of loyal supporters devastated.

(Tiny pic but not a tiny trailer)

Not one to let the burger-burglars grind him down, Yianni and team will be soldiering on with a rented double griddle, a canopy and an oil drum BBQ to keep them warm. The burgers will still be phenomenal and no doubt sell out as usual but really, he needs that trailer back where it belongs.

Anyone providing information leading to its recovery wins FREE BURGERS FOR LIFE. Worth keeping those eyes peeled for we think.

Big up and a Happy Tweetmas to all!