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Ice Cream Festival at KX this w/e!

31 Aug

Put those two words together with some pastel-hued cows and place on Granary Square, King’s Cross and…MAGIC! And it’s open to all – no entry fee, just coins for the cones…

Come and learn about king’s Cross’ intimate history with ICE – yes people, this was once a mecca for the frozen stuff and this Ice Cream Festival is the latest reimagining of its importance to the area. To celebrate these frosty roots, visitors can learn how to milk a cow, try a load of different ice creams, discover more about the history of ice cream and how to make it.

Then there’s the food offerings – and eat.st has it licked…

As well as the brilliant eat.st favourite Sorbitium Ices who will be churning out their incredible flavour combinations in ice cream, sorbet and sherbet forms, there will be some great food to temper the ice cream excess.

Bleecker St. Burger, Horn OK Please, Streetza and Van Dough will all be on hand to take you away from the creamy pastel-mania for a moment.

And definitely check out our friend from the North, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium is bringing her own style of brilliance down from Manchester – a rarity and a pleasure.

The Ice Cream Festival – Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September, 11am – 6pm, Granary Square, N1C




More eat.st at King’s Cross for the Olympics

25 Jul

As much loved as our Monday-Friday lunchtime market at KX is, some people just don’t have the time to get there in their lunch breaks. I often get messages from people asking, ‘Do you think I’ll be able to make it from Vauxhall/Bermondsey/Tottenham Court Road, queue for lunch, eat it and make it back in an hour?’. I always say, go for it – but slightly worry about the digestion process after….

Pic courtesy of Helen Graves

So, help is on its way – for all of the KX daytime non-participators, as well as the hungry people waiting to catch the Javelin to Stratford. From this Saturday, July 28th, and for the full 16 days of the Olympics, eat.st will migrate South to the foot of King’s Boulevard at Station Square, serving from 11am-8pm daily. Now that’s a window for all the hungry/greedy/adventurous and fun to jump through. Whether ‘working from home’, taking a long lunch or heading over after work, we aim to feed.

We’re starting off small – Buen Provecho, Sorbitium Ices and Elephant Juice over the first weekend, then rolling out between four and eight traders each day. As well as this perky little trio, we have on the rota:

Bleecker St. Burgers – new kid on the van scene, doing the straight-up burger/slider/fries thing

Buen Provecho – pork pibil? Ceviche especial? MMmmm
Daisy Green – fro-yo and quirkster toppings
Dosa Deli – stepping up to challenge Horn OK to their KX crown

Eat My Pies – and his lovely mum, Jackie, showing us how they and their Scotch eggs roll
Elephant Juice – daily appearance to quench the thirst/hangover of proper smoothies
Fleisch Mob – Austrian street food from all round adorable guy, Mark
Gurmetti Limited – custom-built van-ette doing the gurmetti thing. Propio bello

Horn OK – bhel puri and dosa heaven
Jamon Jamon – returning to the fold with paella pans on fire
Kimchi Cult – Cult classic and KX stalwart
Kooky Bakes – Ice cream Whoopie Pies, what else is there?
Molly Bakes – and did we also hear SHAKES?
Monty’s Deli – Another adorable Mark – this one doing the Reuben thing with some major TLC
Mother Flipper – yes, he does and they’re one tasty little package
rainbo – Choc Star allumni Shrimp & Ben bring their 1948 Ford pickup into town, with mad gyozas on board

Pic courtesy of Good for Lunch

Sorbitium Ices – Their menu is dizzying. These guys KNOW ingredients
Speckmobile – Butter me up, baby. Serving schnitzel that I dream of
Tava Wava – the Bedouin tent of spiced and fragrant wraps. Massive tawa. Also called Mark
The Ribman – for one day only – don’t miss the window for another Mark to bust out his ribs
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Heartbreaker, risk-taker. We love it.
URBAN-ICES – Triking in from Dalston, Carla will pull out lollies unlike any you’ve ever seen

Pic courtesy of Wilkes

VadaszDeli – the Latino/Hungarian thing works for us. Try it, it’s tops
You Doughnut – this pair roll some mean dough and then roll it in delicious glazes. Moreish
Yum Bun – the queen of the bun, Lisa slays them all

eat.st at Station Square, N1C – 28 July – 12 August, 11am-8pm, daily.

Follow the @EatStreet Twitter feed for more info on who’s on, when. This is a role-call of flavour you’re not going to want to miss.


No mud at this festival

12 Jul

This Saturday, seven of our traders and one special guest will be lined up and slinging hard for Eurostar’s ‘Traction’ in Granary Square, King’s Cross. For 3000 lucky ticket holders, not only do they get Gilles Peterson curating the hell out of that place, but they get our lot for their dinner…

N1C will be hopping.

Who’s up?

Kimchi Cult – Korean/Mexican tortas

Buen Provecho – real Mexican comida de la calle

Speck Mobile – Austrian heartiness

Horn OK Please – Indian bhel puri and dosas

The Bowler – gourmet meatballs

French & Grace – Brixton wrap-attack

Well Kneaded – SW London Firebread

+ the wonderful Crepes Laviec (find them at Netil Market, usually) and for the coffee heads, Weanie Beans and Full Stop coffee.

And the rest of the programme looks like this:

In the collaborative spirit of the London 2012 Festival, Traction will pull together European acts on one stage in Granary Square, Kings Cross. London’s newest public space. Curator Gilles Peterson has drawn inspiration from across the continent, choosing performers such as firm French favourite Sébastien Tellier, spoken word artist Ghostpoet from the UK, Dutch jazz-funk specialist Benny Sings and Eurostar Records’ very own London trio Plugs, among others, to create a series of unique cross-cultural collaborations.

COME HUNGRY – for the party and the food!

Traction – Saturday 14th July, 4pm-11pm



Busking on The Boulevard – auditions next week!

6 Jun

We love King’s Boulevard. This new street that eight months ago was a pile of rubble on the 67 acre King’s Cross development, is now home to trees, eat.st traders, great food, people. It has life! People come from everywhere on their Boris Bikes, or from nearby on foot; pull up a chair or sit on the pavement, hands full of hot food from over the way, just made by one of the eat.streeters. The place feels….relaxing, different, like a step away from the mayhem of all around.

All that’s missing is some MUSIC!

So, we’ve decided to kick start some busking up on that Boulevard: Any kind of music, any kind of performer, as long as it’s mobile – like our stalls – and any damn good.

This is about creating a new and unencumbered space for people to bring some music to the already-full-of-food table. We want to draw from everywhere in upturning some real gems to transform the aural contours of N1C. From our own traders, the nearby CSM, Twitter, on the streets….wherever that music is putting some blues in our left thighs and some funk in our right. And we need everyone’s help in scouring, so – do YOU know anyone?

If so, please get in touch with me, petra@eat.st, or directly with Brigitte from King’s Cross who is coordinating the auditions: brigitte.brown@kingscross.co.uk with a tape of you doing what you do.

First auditions are next Wednesday 13th June and will be in 15 minute slots. Everyone is invited to listen and give their thoughts or get some swaying/hip-switching in – then it’s every Wednesday for Busking on the Boulevard.

Don’t be shy!

KX now = Tuesdays too (and look who we have in the line-up)

15 Apr

King’s Boulevard is about to notch up another day of eat.st activity on its undulous slope. This is good!

Tuesday is the hot new day for curbside food crawling….

People have been asking us for ages to do more days. It seems that London’s appetite for eat.st isn’t ready to be sated yet and we’re so excited that the food and people behind it has been taken to so readily. Meanwhile, we have a crazy number of new traders wanting to join eat.st and come and trade with us on the Boulevard. But it’s a delicate dance starting a market from scratch on an entirely new street with mainly building sites all around and we wanted to give it a few months (and get through the winter) before ramping up the rota.

So now we’re ready to roll into Tuesdays!…And we have some brilliant new traders to bring into the fold. As of this Tuesday 17th April we will have slinging, slicing, dunking and grilling:

Mother Flipper – best burgers we’ve tried in ages. Owner, Manuel, is crazy for the patty and puts everything into it – and it shows. Watch the man behind it cook it and serve it straight to you. That’s some slathery magic right there.

(Thanks to Simon K for the pic)

Mussel Men – properly up eat.st’s alley. These cats know how to bring the theatre and the flavour. The swashbuckling Scots will be doing some musselly/muscly things up there. You need to see this.

And joining them will be pasta pioneer Beppinos after a brief two week hiatus (moving from Wednesdays to the new, hot Tuesdays)

(Thanks to Yummy Choo for the pic)

And back to the block (and much missed during their brief spell away to TCB), Banh Mi 11 and the baguettes of lunchtime joy.

Also, to all the crunch-enthusiasts and healthier leaning, we will be bringing in the award-winning French & Grace (formerly Salad Club), crossing the river to bring their particular brand of Britishness to the Wednesday slots.

So lots to get busy chomping….and stay tuned for news on what May is bringing: 5 day weeks on the Blvd. That’s Monday-Fridays, y’all!

For up to date rotas of who’s on when, head to the King’s Cross page on the eat.st website: www.eat.st/kings-cross

Fusion, smell-scapes and eat.st crew’s cross-pollination experiments

30 Mar

We’ve seen some interesting fusion lately on the curb, one of the most unusual being the “Ruebendilla” from VadaszMasaDeli at Hackney Homemade. There’s Nick at the griddle, throwing on his hand-pressed corn tortillas which he fills with salt beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. It gets folded together and served with home-pickled pickles. The unmistakable waft of the maiz that has many a gringo, unaccustomed to such pungency, recoiling, is part of the magic. In our increasingly odorless cities which increasingly all smell the same, it’s nice to be able to pick out a sense of place – of somewhereness – in the air….even if that somewhere is a contortion. It breaks up the typical, the expected, the resolved and keeps you keen.

This is what we love.

And we love that Kimchi Cult are now fusing Korean with Mexican with their bulgogi steak or pulled pork tortas. Kimchi and cheese and bulgogi and pickles and guacamole in one hot, griddled package – really? Oh yeah, and every slathery, dripping morsel of it tells a story.

photo courtesy of jonnyfromtheblock

Stories + smells + eating + ideas = why I love food on the streets. When you order that sandwich or pizza or salad or wrap, you’re getting a window into the world of the person who’s handing that food over: where they’ve travelled, who they’ve mixed with, how they’ve spent their time, and it’s culminated in a connection between them and you & your lunch. These stalls, vans and carts may not be pinned to the ground; made still by brick and mortar, but the roots to other people, other worlds are right there, carried in to transform the pavement, albeit just for a few hours.

The reason we started eat.st was to bring great minds together through the food they make and give a name to this community. If you’re the kind of person who is happy to take off and fetch up wherever the hungry/greedy may need you, then you’re bound to have a bit of imagination and funk in your right thigh. So it’s no wonder that when pitched up next to each other that ideas will fly and flavours will mingle. Chief instigator, with his hallowed Holy Fuck sauce, is The Rib Man. Due to its cunning ability to reach into many food-stuffs we have seen this naga-lousy number rear its wicked little head among other species of street food:

Along the shaft of Big Apple’s hot dogs…bleeding through the meat of Egg Bosses Scotch Eggs…firing up beef jerky…seizing hold of butter…and now, a whole new prospect: The Holy Fuck rib meat Homeslice pizza. GRrrrrr, read it and weep, y’all. Or come to King’s Cross next Thursday 5th for its debut and eat it and weep.

But it doesn’t stop there because we have Jez and his grass-fed van, dispensing balls and ideas galore. He is working on some Holy Fuck meatballs (obvs), but is also straying into other cell structures – looking to lay his balls down on Homeslice’s ever-yielding dough…darting over to Luardos hatch for some meatball-burrito cross-pollination…even knocking on the closed-for-business counter of Choc Star (RIP) for chocolate balls.

Where will this strain head next? Who else will be linking up? London’s unsuspecting aura awaits being taken over by the new smells. Keep your noses clean and your bellies ready, things are about to get a whole lot more twisted!

(And we haven’t even talked about Tongue ‘n Cheek’s Heartbreaker burger. This will need a whole post of its own….)

eat.st is at King’s Boulevard, N1C every Wednesday – Friday, 11am-2.30pm and every Tuesday from April 17th: http://www.eat.st/kings-cross


eat.st’s first weekend at King’s Cross – don’t miss this!

9 Mar

At last! So many people have been asking when we’re going to be slinging it at King’s Boulevard during a weekend. Cries on Twitter/email lamenting the impossibility of being able to make it for the Wednesday to Friday, 11am-2.30pm window – We want eat.st on the weekend too! they demand. Well, we’re nothing if not committed to satisfying London however we can. The opportunity to trial weekend trading on the KX strip comes in the form of the first ever Guardian Open Weekend – 24th & 25th March.

The whole of King’s Place is going to be groaning with greatness in two weeks time:

Does capitalism have a future? What about the eurozone? Is Greece doomed – and who will be next?

If you’re interested in the global economy – and, let’s face it, we all should be – then come along to the first-ever Guardian Open Weekend on 24 and 25 March.

It’s a two day festival featuring more than 200 talks, workshops and activities in and around the Guardian‘s home in King’s Cross, where speakers around the world will join editor Alan Rusbridger and many of the paper’s leading writers and columnists to debate a wide range of topics.

Guest speakers include Tristram Hunt, Felicity Cloake, Doc Brown, Zac Goldsmith and Kid’s Company’s Camila Batmanghelidjh. Meaty stuff.

Or, if you’re literally just all about the food then head up that Boulevard and just take the opportunity to chow. There’ll be plenty of eat.st traders to chew the cud with on all matters global and otherwise – try ’em out; what these cats don’t know about life and love ain’t worth knowing!


Big Apple Hot Dogs – gourmet hot dogs from OD Abiye
The Bowler – mighty fine meatballs from new buck Jez
Anna Mae’s – Southern street food and fresh off the plane from research trip in L.A
Kimchi Cult – Korean fusion, bringing bulgogi, kimchi and MMmmmm
Well Kneaded – Firebread fired-up from the on-fire Wandsworth girls and their H-Van
Banh Mi 11 – Vietnamese banh mi from power duo Van & Anh
Rib Man – ex-butcher, present day rib maestro



Beppinos – hand made, hand-cut pasta with proper sugo / ragu
Homeslice – best pizza in London? You decide
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Italian maverick and offal-ly good guy
Yum Bun – better than Chang’s? This is what they say…
Bhangra Burger – grab a bib and get your chops round the spice, the juiciness, the fire!
Red Herring Smokehouse – perfect cassoulet sourced from the smokehouse
Hardcore Prawn – fresh back from travels in the far east and ready to hit you with the flavour


The traders will be dishing up from 10am-5pm – so if you’re booked in to the talks, steal away for some serious sustenance and performance enhancing fayre, or you’re coming just for the craic – bring your family/friends to get away from it all in this relaxing pocket of King’s Cross.

For more info on how to get there head to www.eat.st/kings-cross