Busking on The Boulevard – auditions next week!

6 Jun

We love King’s Boulevard. This new street that eight months ago was a pile of rubble on the 67 acre King’s Cross development, is now home to trees, eat.st traders, great food, people. It has life! People come from everywhere on their Boris Bikes, or from nearby on foot; pull up a chair or sit on the pavement, hands full of hot food from over the way, just made by one of the eat.streeters. The place feels….relaxing, different, like a step away from the mayhem of all around.

All that’s missing is some MUSIC!

So, we’ve decided to kick start some busking up on that Boulevard: Any kind of music, any kind of performer, as long as it’s mobile – like our stalls – and any damn good.

This is about creating a new and unencumbered space for people to bring some music to the already-full-of-food table. We want to draw from everywhere in upturning some real gems to transform the aural contours of N1C. From our own traders, the nearby CSM, Twitter, on the streets….wherever that music is putting some blues in our left thighs and some funk in our right. And we need everyone’s help in scouring, so – do YOU know anyone?

If so, please get in touch with me, petra@eat.st, or directly with Brigitte from King’s Cross who is coordinating the auditions: brigitte.brown@kingscross.co.uk with a tape of you doing what you do.

First auditions are next Wednesday 13th June and will be in 15 minute slots. Everyone is invited to listen and give their thoughts or get some swaying/hip-switching in – then it’s every Wednesday for Busking on the Boulevard.

Don’t be shy!


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