Riverside flavour from the eat.st traders this weekend…

2 Jun

If you’re in London this weekend and you’re joining the masses to go Thames-wards for That flotilla (the likes of which is totally twisting my melons – imagine!), then you’re going to need to know where to get FED.

Knowing this, members of eat.st are will be on hand to offer relief – beacons of hope, reason and sustenance in a sea of Jubilympics hysteria.

First stop will be the run of eight eat.st traders in Battersea Park for their ticketed (and sold out to 90,000) extravaganza. Wayne Hemingway is curating and bringing bandstand swerve and vintage magic to the place. Norman Jay, The Noisettes and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis will all be there to make the day go with a swing…

And then there will be our guys, doing the sling thing on the river’s edge: Jamon Jamon, Hardcore Prawn, Bhangra Burger, Kimchi Cult, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Banh Mi 11, Molly Bakes and the return of the mighty Churros Bros – lined up and ready for the mayhem. Don’t be a stranger – go and say hi, they may not have time to linger over conversation but they’ll be pleased to see their regulars in a new part of town.


If you didn’t manage to get tickets, you can segue over to The World Street Food Festival to find some more familiar eat.st faces. Tucked in amongst the 42 traders behind The Southbank Centre is Tongue ‘n Cheek – this weekend debuting his perfectly juicy ‘Heartbreaker’ burger. One thing’s for sure – there is no one else in London doing one of these this weekend. Developed with Ben from Lucky Chip, this patty is part beef, part fat and part ox heart – and it is amazing. Not to be missed.

Flanking Tongue n Cheek is new eat.st member, Horn OK Please and their dosas and bhel puri, and Anna Mae’s with their Mac Shack. Elsewhere in the market is The Speck Mobile and their second outing with the dumplings, schnitzel and strudel of joy, Mussel Men with their new mussel shack (Bloody Mary moules-frites, anyone?), and Beppino’s and his hand-made pasta.

Battersea Park = one day only (Sunday 3rd June), WSFF = 5 days. Reaching any of these traders in any of their locations will certainly result in a great Jubilee weekend.

Let us know who you encounter!


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