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Fusion, smell-scapes and crew’s cross-pollination experiments

30 Mar

We’ve seen some interesting fusion lately on the curb, one of the most unusual being the “Ruebendilla” from VadaszMasaDeli at Hackney Homemade. There’s Nick at the griddle, throwing on his hand-pressed corn tortillas which he fills with salt beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. It gets folded together and served with home-pickled pickles. The unmistakable waft of the maiz that has many a gringo, unaccustomed to such pungency, recoiling, is part of the magic. In our increasingly odorless cities which increasingly all smell the same, it’s nice to be able to pick out a sense of place – of somewhereness – in the air….even if that somewhere is a contortion. It breaks up the typical, the expected, the resolved and keeps you keen.

This is what we love.

And we love that Kimchi Cult are now fusing Korean with Mexican with their bulgogi steak or pulled pork tortas. Kimchi and cheese and bulgogi and pickles and guacamole in one hot, griddled package – really? Oh yeah, and every slathery, dripping morsel of it tells a story.

photo courtesy of jonnyfromtheblock

Stories + smells + eating + ideas = why I love food on the streets. When you order that sandwich or pizza or salad or wrap, you’re getting a window into the world of the person who’s handing that food over: where they’ve travelled, who they’ve mixed with, how they’ve spent their time, and it’s culminated in a connection between them and you & your lunch. These stalls, vans and carts may not be pinned to the ground; made still by brick and mortar, but the roots to other people, other worlds are right there, carried in to transform the pavement, albeit just for a few hours.

The reason we started was to bring great minds together through the food they make and give a name to this community. If you’re the kind of person who is happy to take off and fetch up wherever the hungry/greedy may need you, then you’re bound to have a bit of imagination and funk in your right thigh. So it’s no wonder that when pitched up next to each other that ideas will fly and flavours will mingle. Chief instigator, with his hallowed Holy Fuck sauce, is The Rib Man. Due to its cunning ability to reach into many food-stuffs we have seen this naga-lousy number rear its wicked little head among other species of street food:

Along the shaft of Big Apple’s hot dogs…bleeding through the meat of Egg Bosses Scotch Eggs…firing up beef jerky…seizing hold of butter…and now, a whole new prospect: The Holy Fuck rib meat Homeslice pizza. GRrrrrr, read it and weep, y’all. Or come to King’s Cross next Thursday 5th for its debut and eat it and weep.

But it doesn’t stop there because we have Jez and his grass-fed van, dispensing balls and ideas galore. He is working on some Holy Fuck meatballs (obvs), but is also straying into other cell structures – looking to lay his balls down on Homeslice’s ever-yielding dough…darting over to Luardos hatch for some meatball-burrito cross-pollination…even knocking on the closed-for-business counter of Choc Star (RIP) for chocolate balls.

Where will this strain head next? Who else will be linking up? London’s unsuspecting aura awaits being taken over by the new smells. Keep your noses clean and your bellies ready, things are about to get a whole lot more twisted!

(And we haven’t even talked about Tongue ‘n Cheek’s Heartbreaker burger. This will need a whole post of its own….) is at King’s Boulevard, N1C every Wednesday – Friday, 11am-2.30pm and every Tuesday from April 17th:



The ybfs in this week’s The Grocer

12 Mar

…with quite a bit of me chipping in with my ten cents worth! Nice to see our resident speed-boner, Mark – The Rib Man, getting his in too.

If you think the Awards needs you in it then hurry over to the ybfs website and get applying! Bring every unturned stone on, I say – can’t wait.’s first weekend at King’s Cross – don’t miss this!

9 Mar

At last! So many people have been asking when we’re going to be slinging it at King’s Boulevard during a weekend. Cries on Twitter/email lamenting the impossibility of being able to make it for the Wednesday to Friday, 11am-2.30pm window – We want on the weekend too! they demand. Well, we’re nothing if not committed to satisfying London however we can. The opportunity to trial weekend trading on the KX strip comes in the form of the first ever Guardian Open Weekend – 24th & 25th March.

The whole of King’s Place is going to be groaning with greatness in two weeks time:

Does capitalism have a future? What about the eurozone? Is Greece doomed – and who will be next?

If you’re interested in the global economy – and, let’s face it, we all should be – then come along to the first-ever Guardian Open Weekend on 24 and 25 March.

It’s a two day festival featuring more than 200 talks, workshops and activities in and around the Guardian‘s home in King’s Cross, where speakers around the world will join editor Alan Rusbridger and many of the paper’s leading writers and columnists to debate a wide range of topics.

Guest speakers include Tristram Hunt, Felicity Cloake, Doc Brown, Zac Goldsmith and Kid’s Company’s Camila Batmanghelidjh. Meaty stuff.

Or, if you’re literally just all about the food then head up that Boulevard and just take the opportunity to chow. There’ll be plenty of traders to chew the cud with on all matters global and otherwise – try ’em out; what these cats don’t know about life and love ain’t worth knowing!


Big Apple Hot Dogs – gourmet hot dogs from OD Abiye
The Bowler – mighty fine meatballs from new buck Jez
Anna Mae’s – Southern street food and fresh off the plane from research trip in L.A
Kimchi Cult – Korean fusion, bringing bulgogi, kimchi and MMmmmm
Well Kneaded – Firebread fired-up from the on-fire Wandsworth girls and their H-Van
Banh Mi 11 – Vietnamese banh mi from power duo Van & Anh
Rib Man – ex-butcher, present day rib maestro



Beppinos – hand made, hand-cut pasta with proper sugo / ragu
Homeslice – best pizza in London? You decide
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Italian maverick and offal-ly good guy
Yum Bun – better than Chang’s? This is what they say…
Bhangra Burger – grab a bib and get your chops round the spice, the juiciness, the fire!
Red Herring Smokehouse – perfect cassoulet sourced from the smokehouse
Hardcore Prawn – fresh back from travels in the far east and ready to hit you with the flavour


The traders will be dishing up from 10am-5pm – so if you’re booked in to the talks, steal away for some serious sustenance and performance enhancing fayre, or you’re coming just for the craic – bring your family/friends to get away from it all in this relaxing pocket of King’s Cross.

For more info on how to get there head to