Refreshments on the Boulevard

27 Feb

Things are getting more interesting still people…Up on the Boulevard at King’s Cross on Friday, we’re dealing with a regular little February-style heatwave. Could we, in fact, call it a febrile February now? Anyway, it was enough to bring the crowds out to bask in it while they chose what to eat.

All kinds dropped by to say hello. That’s something that I really love about that Boulevard – it attracts all these people with stories and new ideas. It’s a hotbed of tales from the streets and aspirations to get started. Towards the tail-end of the lunchtime rush, just as all the traders were turning off their grills and starting to pack down, who should emerge through a low, strong shard of afternoon winter sun, but my favourite new idea in a while, The Traveling Gin Company.

Friends Ed and Joe signed up to join a little while ago. A roaming bicycle of beautiful gin cocktail truths and magic. My ears sprang right up when I saw their application and we agreed that this had to be experienced, asap. “We’ll bring the bike to you and show you what we do”, they promised. I was ready. And once I told all the traders, they were more than ready too. As soon as they’d got that bike prop down on the King’s Boulevard gravel they got to work, setting up their stall.

A small blackboard by the back wheel to declare their wares, an optical all up front on their basket. Inside, a jar of lime wedges, bucket of ice, cup of straws and bottles of tonic water – and a stack of cups, each with a hand-stamped, hand-cut, hand-taped label around. Sipsmith gin is their favourite and they soon hoisted that sucker onto the optical and started mixing us G&Ts.

Every element of that drink was thoughts out and pulled off. These guys like a cocktail mixed right. Alec (Bhangra Burger) sank his first one in seconds and was soon onto the next. Lisa (Yum Bun) said she wasn’t drinking but soon changed her mind. Danny (Kimchi Cult) looked perkier than ever at the prospect of all this and I just kept on feeding them clandestine ideas for getting this bike out there and defying the restrictive licencing arrangements of this country.

Can you imagine? The travelling gin boys, weaving through the city and perking everyone’s days up. Under cover, beyond the law, sprinkling London with a bit of harmless fun. Well, in the meantime, we need to get these lads on board and involved with some of what we’re doing. And as the weather gets hotter up on the brow of that Boulevard of dreams and ideas, we’re all sure going to be needing some more refreshment.

Who thinks this might flick their lunchtime switches (without trying to encourage you to drink and work, of course)?

The Travelling Gin Company are on Twitter and Tumblr trade at King’s Boulevard Wednesdays-Fridays, 11am-2.30pm every week:




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