Thames Festival 2011…in pics

20 Sep

Our journey took us Eastwards… on a stroll that went all the way along the Thames Festival route. This is the first time that I’ve not been buried in a freezer, scooping ice cream like a banshee from the choc-mobile during the Festival, and it was great to see the thing in its (almost) entirety.

Here are some of the sights – albeit with a certain bias-cut…

Bella did an amazing job with the boards. Look out for this girl – she good.

Here’s Abiye of BAHD with his small, medium and large Wieners, the likes of which the River has rarely seen. The punters lined up in serried ranks of devotion.

Arturo of Buen Provecho smiling all the way as he served up la comida buena from a dazzling array of silver receptacles.

Mama Churro held the fort while our Jorge represented for at the British Street Food Awards in Suffolk.

Skewer love.

Shades of Pulp Fiction at Hardcore Prawn.

Rustling at the foothills of the Tate – the crew makes itself a part of the furniture.

Tarrying a while on Southwark Bridge I was made up to see Westonbirt –’s very own ice cream Airstream dream. This girl can whip that stuff into a shape that is bouncing. You have to try the shakes – GRrrr.

Reclaiming the city for one day only and in a most civilised way. Dining a-straddle the Thames is a major high-point of the Festival – Feast on the Bridge got it going on, straight-up.

And so to the Scoop where Bhangra Burger, Creperie Nicholas, Tongue ‘n Cheek and Yum Bun formed a clump. Yes, the word clump is the only way to describe this splinter group of the collective at large at Thames. A rambunctious clump of flavour upon the cool, pristine paving stones of More London.

Tongue ‘n Cheek diversifies his tongue offering for the uninitiated. Wrap it in a casing and stuff it in a bun.

Yum Bun’s Jake is  alighting expert. We love this about them. Their cart looked on fire and drew the punters close…

Back at Tate, Jamon Jamon keeps the pans bubbling.

Whilst over at the Korean Embassy, Kimchi Cult send a clear message on what they’re about. Cabbage will never be the same again on this watch.

Thank you to all those who made it down – we hope you enjoyed.


3 Responses to “Thames Festival 2011…in pics”

  1. adam and theresa September 20, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    what a shame we didn’t make it! Looks fantastic.

  2. Restless Native September 21, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    Man, I wish I was there. Kimchi burgers sound like the trip.I lived with Koreans for 6 months, amazing experience. I met the house owner (my landlords) mother. She spoke no English, our common language was food. I was shown the traditional way of making Kimchi. Hand massaging a cabage for quite some time. It was sliced but still intact, if that makes sense. Also heating dried squid in a flame to soften it before eating it.
    The other stalls all look equally as amazing Ox cheek and Polenta. Has made inspired me, Waitrose had some cool polentia last time I was there. I live 20 miles from Waitrose, I am unemployed, will that stop me, no it wont.
    Keep it up with the great street food. Maybe we see you in Plymouth next year at the food fest? Worth thinking about, it is busy, the food is no where near as cool as your stuff.

    • September 21, 2011 at 8:53 am #

      Hi Restless Native – you must come up and find Kimchi Cult and banter about all this! And Plymouth – will let you know.

      Adam & Theresa – next time.

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