Thames Festival, here we come!

7 Sep


The Thames Festival is nearly upon us and the crew are busy getting ready for the big day/s.

Twelve of our traders will be slinging heavy over two sites this Saturday and Sunday. In front of Tate Modern will be a strip of nine, while by the Scoop (next to the Lord Mayor’s Office) will be a cluster of four.

And not forgetting our solo outposts in the form of The Rib Man by St Katherine’s Docks, Kimchi Cult by the OXO Tower (with the Korean Embassy, no less) and Engine Food on his regular patch in front of The National Theatre.

This year’s Festival is all about the collectives – working together to reduce the overall footprint. If you’re into the homespun way of life then you should also look out for Craft Trail and their beautifully illustrated map. If is about flying the flag for the street food community, Craft Trail flies it for emerging designer makers, aiming ‘to showcase their work in a community-driven and creative atmosphere’.

The areas are marked out by the yellow pins…

We hope to see many of you all down there – lots of fun to be had on that river bank.

Come hungry!

The Lord Mayor’s Thames Festival – Sat 10th-Sunday 11th September, 11am-11pm.


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