Jobs in two food vans – apply here.

1 Jun

This just in from friend of and favourite thesp, Richard Shanks – who’d like a job in his yoghurt locker/chorizo-mobile starting pronto?

Read on for the low-down on this Southbank stalwart…

Me and my frozen-yoghurt van, ‘The Little Mixing Factory’
(TLMF), took up residence outside the National Theatre, two and a half years
ago, and have been dolloping yoghurt down the Southbank ever since.

New for 2011 and just round the corner, I have now opened ‘Engine’, a
beautiful 1959 fire truck, serving up British Chorizo and Organic British
Halloumi Sandwiches.

With both vans open Tuesday to Sunday, I need another pair of
hands, and I need them fast. Could YOU help me run this yoghurty-
sausage empire?

It is an exciting new position working in an amazing environment. The
Southbank is such a fun and vibrant area, surrounded by music, dance and

I am looking for an enthusiastic and reliable new member of staff to supervise
the running of both vans from now until October 2011.

Any number of the following character traits might help you get the job:

Be warm, welcoming, helpful and approachable
Have a passion for serving up yummy food
Have a strong ability to promote and sell
Take pride in how you and the area you are working in looks
Have the ability to see what needs doing before its too late

It would also be useful if you had a good knowledge of Food Safety & Hygiene

Our busiest days are on the weekend and on these days you will be

Expected to work – not every single weekend, but be aware, that is the nature
of the job

The applicant must be over 25 and hold a full UK or European driving license
(The job requires that you drive the Yoghurt van and the insurance company
will not consider insuring a driver who does not meet these criteria)

All applications to asap!


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