#16days – Week Two

22 May

Week one of #16days got off to a flying start. The pavement outside The Rye didn’t know what had hit it as day after day a new hawker set up their stall/parked up their van and plied the good stuff to Peckham and beyond.

Day One found Creperie Nicholas and its wonderful owners, Keith (I love the name Keith) and Gill doing something alchemic to their gallettes. They loved their evening in SE15 – good start to the 16 day relay.

Day Two saw Angus, AKA Mongo Denoon, AKA The OK Catering Success, AKA Kolkata Street Food – AKA a myriad of names to introduce something altogether more simple. There is a goodness to Mongo’s gear that doesn’t come round that often. He turns up and from out of his magical wagon of tricks spills a world of colour and flavour. We need more of this on our streets!

Day Three was a double-bill of Mexican market hero Arturo and his Lower Marsh-based stall Buen Provecho, and my very own choc-mobile, Choc Star, serving up the brown stuff. I couldn’t believe the number of people who rolled up from all over town – and Arturo was delighted to see so many of his regulars turning up to get the night-time taste of La Ciudad.

Day Four and it was Ca Phe VN’s shot at SE15 culinary leadership. They cranked up the coles and dolled out barbecue pork thit nuong, chicken kebabs and Banh Mi. So good that they were sold out by 8.30pm and owner, Rob, was elated. What a riot and what a nice crowd, he declared.

Day Five brought it home with The Dogfather – our favourite Coops-Deville and his tripped-out wieners and jalapeño poppers. Everyone needs a Cooper at the end of their road spinning lyrical on the griddle.

Day Six and we’re at the weekend. Our favourite logistics man, Nick, had the paella pans bubbling for Jamon Jamon’s stint on the curb.

And Day Seven, today, the final day of Week One, and Portuguese hog maestros Rainha Santa pulled out the porkiest one so far with their embalmed and aromatic spit-roast delights.

So now – onto Week Two (or, strictly speaking, Week-and-a-half Two – but everyone’s too busty troffing to count). Get a load of THIS!…

Even more hawkers to send you every which way. Monday 23rd brings to this side of the river real-deal comida de la calle from Broadway Market legend Sol of Toma Mexicano. Throwing down on the griddle will be steak tacos, and bubbling away in the pan their amazing flautas. This is not one to be missed!

And then check out the role-call of more of London’s finest, doing their thing just as it should be, for ten more days. (And who d’you think might be the ‘special guest’ turning up at the end?).


5 Responses to “#16days – Week Two”

  1. Catherine May 23, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Good line-up, but what is Street Food?

  2. Catherine May 23, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Oops I meant Street Foodie?

    • eat.st. May 23, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

      He’s this guy called Danny from Belfast who spent the last two years living in Korea and getting to know its food. Right now he’s rocking some fantastic kimchi sliders (not to be confused with Tinchy Stryder).

  3. Catherine May 27, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    I managed 4 out 5 this week, but sadly missed the kimchi burgers. I bet they were good.

    • eat.st. May 30, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

      Good going – stellar effort!

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