16 May

Big tings in SE15! eat.st are about to enter into a parade and it will last #16days.

Together with The Meatwagon and Capital pubs we have thrown our net wide across town to bring to Peckham the best that eat.st has. Yianni’s team will be running the kitchen of The Rye pub this summer and wanted their fellow eat.streeters to come in and get the party started.

As a prelude to Summer 2011, where curbside cuisine in London is set to blow up in uniquely London ways, we are kicking things off in a manner that is true to the eat.st ethos. For sixteen days – from today, 16th May, until Wednesday 1st June – an eat.st trader each night will hold court in the forecourt of The Rye, on Peckham Rye, SE15 3NX. From concrete comes greatness when animated by our style of mobile food.

This street food tag team will ensure that food adventurers all over London will be able to get their outdoor chow on like never before. The city is vast. Our traders are flung far and wide. The Rye will (for these days only) make an honest woman of us:

Sixteen days. Sixteen hawkers. One pub.

Day 1 begins with Creperie Nicholas – the finest galletier within the M25. In business for one year only, Keith and Gill produce Breton gallettes with a magic ingredient. It’s called love and it tastes incredible.


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