crew at large for the royal wedding

12 May

Oops, just popped over to Portugal to check on the vinho verde situation and didn’t have time to report on this little situation before departure.

For anyone that’s that way inclined, what occurred on the Southbank over the royal wedding weekend for London street food in general and for in particular, was a hot mess that we reveled in.

As part of the Real Street Food Festival, brought some switch in the hips to the Southbank Square. Many of us traders knew each other already while some had merely appeared as visions on our email exchanges, possibly just culinary mirages…

Amid endless threats of rain we assumed our positions on the makeshift food court, ready to hit London with something spirited from it’s concrete contours. Showing out over the weekend were:

Simon and Britters of Luardos, doing the taco-lean like their stainless steel counters depended on it.

Anna Mae’s Smokehouse, fresh off the plain from Texas, couldn’t stuff those buns fast enough with their choppy coleslaw and mountains of pulled pork.

Mongo Denoon and his OK Catering Success appeared as ductile as ever within the borders of his extraordinary world of jhal muri. It looks like an enigma but the curious will be rewarded with untold riches…

Here’s the Choc Star van, dishing out sundaes like nobody’s business. As soon as one person has one and is seen parading that molten mini mountain of delight around the area, the van gets bombarded and the hot choc sauce goes a-flying. Stand back if you’re wearing white.

Would you trust these two with itinerant chocolate goods?

Street Foodie embarked upon his first weekend of slinging those puckish little Korean sliders. Kimchi Slider got re-christened ‘Tinchy Stryder’ and it just kind of stuck.

We love what they’ve done with the place – bringing something never before seen on the streets of London.

The Healthy Yummies girls turned the place into a Madonna-fest. If they weren’t flambeeing those fine, fine hand-dived scallops, they were taking it back to ’87 with dance moves to die for.

Giles of Stewed & Baked wheeled his maroon caravan, Mary, up from Suffolk and cooked up heartiness that took the edge off the fairly blustery Friday conditions.

Pink splitscreen VW, Lulabelle’s traveled all the way from Yorkshire to put on a right royal spread. Victoria sponges, coffee cake, lemon drizzle, sticky toffee cupcakes and cream teas had everyone wanting teatime all the time.

Meanwhile, over at Wholefood Heaven, Charlie and David the effervescent husband and wife team brought something that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK. Ex SAF and E&O chef David works soulful magic in that battleship grey H-Van. I’m a massive fan.

Inside that pot lies goodness…

And finally, Baba Gupta moved mountains to make sure his brand new, jangly Bhangra Bus was ready to operate. After a late Thursday night call where he revealed that he was somewhere on the M1 with no hope of making it to London in site (due to some unpronounceable engine problem), he eventually lagged in on the back of a mammoth pick-up truck early the next morning.

And we were so glad he did. They’re well messy, but Bhangra Burgers rock.

Some of us will be on the Southbank again this weekend – Friday 13th (oi oi)-Sunday 15th May, all day, knocking out the good stuff. We’ll be in the nook of the new high-line style staircase.

Over and out.


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