New Year, new plans…

28 Jan

Hello y’all. Lots of exciting things in the offing from We have some new recruits waiting in the wings for a full promenade along the site – pulled pork and wholefoods and fresh pretzels and a mobile smokery…. Looking forward to hitting you with them.

First, we are going to be re-jigging the site so it suits our future plans. More of this as it unfolds.

And we’d really like to hear from YOU about what kinds of food you’d like to see available on the streets. People are always getting in touch with us about starting new mobile ventures, lots of ideas out there – it’s the putting it into practice bit that is the struggle. We will continue to help in any way we can – and this includes being able to offer advice about what the market wants. Personally – and this is a juicy little nugget for anyone who so wishes to scoop it up – I think there is a gap in the market for someone offering an egg-based menu: omelettes, waffles, custard, french toast/eggy bread, fried egg sandwiches, creme caramel…you get the picture. Who’s up for that?!

In the meantime – and if you haven’t already been – then make a bee-line for wor Yianni’s new ‘chop-up’ dive bar/burger joint the Meateasy in New Cross Gate. The whole of the burger eating population of London are in a state of reverie and panic – reverie at having sampled meat heaven in a low down and dirty, straight-up kind of way; panic at maybe not getting to sample it before it closes in mid-March. And it’s packed. Every night – so arrive EARLY (doors open at 6pm. Cocktails are amazing). Evening Standard write-up here.

Also, the legendary and true authentic, eccentric street hawker, Angus (AKA Mongo Denoon) will be sharing his food, film and music this Sunday and Monday back at the Whirled Cinema – an underground film space nestled into one of glamorous Loughborough Junction’s infinite arches. If you haven’t heard of him then Angus plays spices like butter plays toast. It rolls, effortlessly. You watch and are entranced, then taste and are transformed. This is passion and expertise passed alchemically through Angus’ magic touch. You won’t taste better: Jhal Muri, pulchas, channa masala, daal, bhel puri. And if you enjoy eating, India and energy then the focal point of this whole event, the film, is where you need to be heading.

Sold out on Sunday but still a few spaces for Monday if you’re quick. Info here.

More soon. Keep chowing!


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