Tweetmass Gathering at the Florence

8 Dec

Getting ready for tonight’s #tweetmasgathering – a mighty get-together of London’s most ardent and committed food bloggers and Tweeters – are our very own Jhal Muri Express, The Meatwagon and Choc Star.

From 6pm this evening Christmas Tweetsville will be well in the air round the back of the Florence pub in Herne Hill. Expect hot chocolate delights and chocolate cookies, cakes, truffles and brownies from Choc Star, nourishing daal and jhal muri from Mongo Denoon and BURGERS – possibly the best in all of London from The Meatwagon.

BUT…do not expect the actual Meatwagon to be there as, unless you haven’t already heard, that huge great shiny steel trailer has been TEEFED. Yes, you heard it right – someone has towed that wide-load clean away leaving Yianni and a sea of loyal supporters devastated.

(Tiny pic but not a tiny trailer)

Not one to let the burger-burglars grind him down, Yianni and team will be soldiering on with a rented double griddle, a canopy and an oil drum BBQ to keep them warm. The burgers will still be phenomenal and no doubt sell out as usual but really, he needs that trailer back where it belongs.

Anyone providing information leading to its recovery wins FREE BURGERS FOR LIFE. Worth keeping those eyes peeled for we think.

Big up and a Happy Tweetmas to all!



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