Towpath III – Better Vibes!

9 Nov

A huge great laser beam sharded upwards for all of East London to see on Saturday night, announcing the presence of a new type of gathering in the area – the latest Towpath event – a unique coming together of traders, War Child, food photographer and local food proponent Jason Lowe and the Love Tank – a whacking great gold tank from which DJs do their thing.

Ca Phe VN were there with their award winning coffee drinks…

Mongo Denoon and the OK Catering Success unfolded the beauty of his van for everyone’s eating and visual pleasure…

The Meatwagon boys still smiling after a long old shift…

And it all took place with the full backing and support of the British Waterways who are keen for these newly revamped areas to actually get some real and proper use. This is what’s so surprising – you wouldn’t imagine that such a revamped private looking public space would be so welcoming of such freedom (and quite base heavy) freedom of expression. We’re glad that they are and look forward to working with them in other spots.

And I hope this guy turns up again…


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