Ode to a scallop

2 Nov

This is Nichola. She’s a bit of a dude. I first met her last year at Camp Bestival when we were running out of milk at the choc-mobile and her and her partner came to my rescue in a most chivalrous way. I immediately recognised them as the kind we wanted to be have in the first flush of eat.st members: community minded, hard-working, generous-spirited and fun.

Fast forward to now and it’s damn good to have Healthy Yummies on board. But what’s really got me hopping with delight is la comida!

How can you argue with that? It’s a veritable symphony of eye-rolling deliciousness, straight up.

Of course, to watch it being made in front of you always adds a little pique to the moment. The soulful smell of sauteeing bacon, a fug of sweet steam thrown out by the samphire….and suddenly there it is, in your hand, Oliver Twist style.

I can barely stand how good it tastes. It shadows me in my dreams. The celeriac mash – smooth, earthy, buttered, cradling the plump little fleshy, seared puck. The rest runs over it and around it – slinking through the softness with a zesty stealth. It’s all over in moments and there’s juice down my chin and I’m already asking for another.

If you haven’t already you need to track this woman down.

(Perhaps this Saturday at Towpath 3??)


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