roamings: Thames Festival

1 Nov had its first group outing in September (yes, I know it’s now MOvember!). Spreading ourselves along one side of Jubilee Gardens and under the reassuring eye of the Eye, we made a pretty lovely sight.

The whole festival was awash with trailers and vans and stalls all selling food for the hungry promenaders but there was something about the little strip of eat.streeters that had everybody going Awww and then MMmmm.

We were delighted to have Angus and the OK Catering Success on board…

It’s like a performance in itself watching him prepare for the day’s selling. Endless chopping of ginger and cucumber, tomatoes and limes…

A little pause for thought, a quick shake up of the mustard oil and a stir of the tamarind and off he goes into the unsuspecting crowd. No prices, no explanations, no big ploy, Angus’s jhal muri is for the real food adventurers – if you want to know what it is you have to step up and get involved and, having made the leap, after trying that stuff you will never look back. No joke.

It was sunny. London came and made a mini-festival of the Gardens…

And we looked after their taste-buds.

Hello hello? What oddity is this? A man sitting at the little window of his little van turning out omelettes on a single hob? Adorable. And they tasted amazing an’ all.

Ben of embryonic mobile business Eggonomics has taken his inventiveness and way with words and eggs around the UK doing just this very thing. He has some great stories and I love how he serves a little fruit salad to accompany the om.

Spinach & Agushi were super busy serving up their hearty Ghanaian stews. The smell was incredible.

George of Churros Brothers had those little doughnut fingers firing out of the machine at a rapid pace. It was perfect weather for churros and chocolate (what is it about sugar + carbs + choc?)

And what was it about Bhangra Burger? Lamb burgers served in flatbreads with pickles and chutneys and raita. Juicy, lip-smacking son of a gun!


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