The British Street Food Awards

8 Sep

It’s all happening this weekend down in Ludlow. Seven of our traders will be shaking things up good and proper over in Shropshire as they compete in the first ever British Street Food Awards.

How far Richard Johnson has come! From a phone conversation I remember having with him almost a year and a half ago where he floated the idea, to the Whitecross Street launch, a visit to last year’s Ludlow Food Festival and now a whole two day bonanza of the best curbside cuisine going.

It should be a winner. If you’re going then make sure to try the delights of our members:

Banh Mi 11 – proper Vietnamese Banh Mi

Brewed Boy – using Square Mile coffee, donning a flat cap and tweeds and with one of my favourite street food blogs on the block.

Ca Phe VN – going for several years, British husband and Vietnamese wife team flying the VN flag for coffee and sandwiches.

Daddy Donkey – dangerous burritos. Hold tight!

Healthy Yummies – we met them in a field at Camp Bestival last year and now they’re blowing up the film-set catering world

Jamon Jamon – paella powered by the force of dynamic Nick Friedman

The Meatwagon – who hasn’t heard of Yianni and his super patties by now? We predict big things for him this weekend.

Fire it up ladies/fellas!


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