Roll up!

7 Feb

Hi food van fans,

Welcome to‘s blog – a land where food roams free on wheels of steel…or under a choice gazebo. Or maybe just a make-shift canopy. Whatever the appearance (and we like to think of ourselves as being a fine looking bunch of stalls), we are here to promote and encourage the new wave of mobile food traders in Britain.

Long mired in the murky reputation of dubious kebab trailers and suspect ice cream vans, food on our streets is stepping up the pace. Our high-end restaurants are great and have managed to convince the world that Britain’s food culture is on fire – and it’s true, it is…for the small number of us who can afford it. But what about the other 95% of us? We at see salvation as lying at street level. Put better food on the streets and in more places and suddenly what we’re dealing with is a food culture that is good across the board.

Accessible to all, non-exclusive and offered through a medium that we’ve been accustomed to since the beginning of time.

We have been in the mobile food game for the last four years. It is an industry full of great characters, interesting lifestyles and food prepared in all kinds of locations. It’s hard work, bad weather forever looms and finding good places to sell our wares can be challenging. But there is a vitality and good humour amongst traders and with our customers that deserves to be acknowledged. wants to drive British street food forward – through a consolidated trader community, with a defined standard of quality adhered to by all our members and by seeking out new and exciting ways to do what we do at events, markets, festivals and beyond.

The dialogue begins here and we welcome any advice or contributions from traders, punters, policy makers or events organisers. Let’s help get British street food to the next level – it’s time!


One Response to “Roll up!”

  1. Keith Posh February 26, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    Hi Petra,

    We met at the Bull & Last with DH- great to see this up and running. It was the Guardian video which pointed me here.

    I’ll have a poke around your site and then post up some links and a quick précis on PoshFodder.

    Look forward to reading more in the future.

    Hopefully catch you at another Dine with Dos H



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