The Street Vendor Project needs you!

6 Feb

This just in from our friends at the Street Vendor Project:

SVP is entered in a national contest, funded by Pepsi, that is giving
away $1 million a month to various non-profit projects around the
country. The winners are selected by the public, via online voting. We
have asked for $25,000 to fund national tour of the Vendy Awards – a
series of events that will highlight what vendors contribute to
communities across the country. This will bring our movement for
vendor respect to a new level, while having a national impact on
debates around immigration, small business development, and food

Please take a minute to vote here

We are currently in 128th place. We need your help to move into the
top ten, so we can get the money.

Sean Basinski and his team have been working tirelessly for many years to protect and promote the street vendors of New York City. The idea to take their massively PR-able street food lovers event, The Vendys, across the States is a brilliant one. Born out of true grassroots vigor and devotion, The Vendys is about so much more than curbside Twitter mania or rolling with the what’s hot crew. There is a real social aspect at play and it is to do with serving the (mainly) immigrant vendors who make the Big Apple as fruity as it is. We in London – or the rest of Britain – don’t have the same street trading issues as New York (more of this soon), but what is mirrored – and in particular by the ethos – is the undeniable fact that street food provides street life. When you have a bustling street life the city BUZZES.

The key word is community. Food on the streets brings people together and in our increasingly individualised societies this can only be a good thing. The more it is encouraged the better – better for those who make their living from it, for those who get fed from it and for the areas it inevitably helps bring to life.

Ladies and gents – please cast your votes above.


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