Hopping over the Pond

29 Jan

As much as eat.st‘s focus is on driving British street food forward, we’re always interested in the movements of other countries’ curbside dining culture. Take the US. Any foodist worth their salt will know about the Twitter-fication of food trucks in LA, NYC, Portland and San Francisco, it’s a hot topic. As much about a search for the social aspect in eating as for the food itself, there are whole swathes of fans dedicated to the pursuit of happiness via truck love.

One of our favourite soldiers in the crusade to showcase food on the streets in all its guises, as well as searching for the reasons behind the craze is John T Edge. Edge is busy researching for a book on all kinds of food trucks across the States. He’s scoping out mad American vehicles knocked together by mad American metal heads that look like this:


We’ll be keeping you updated with Edge’s progress – and here’s to the book!


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